Todd Lockwood‘s career has spanned decades. Having worked for TSR in their heyday, and later at WOTC, Todd’s personal vision is responsible for a lot of the look of those worlds, especially that of their iconic dragons. With hundreds of RPG illustrations, MtG cards and book covers to his credit, the fantasy market wouldn’t be what it is today without Todd’s unique aesthetic.

All of us at Muddy Colors are pleased to offer a brand new, 2 part demo with this legendary illustrator, as he walks us through his process for creating a fantasy character from scratch.

In Part 1, Todd takes us through his photoshoot, reference manipulation, underdrawing, and value study, all while he talks about his experience in the industry, his days working at TSR, and how he has transitioned from Artist to Author.

Part 1 of this amazing demo is already available on Muddy Colors, right here:

Get a head start, and watch it before the release of Part 2, which will be available tomorrow, Saturday, September 28th.

In Part 2 of this demo, Todd will take the drawing he created in Part 1, and show us how he renders it to a complete finish, all in real time! He will show us his digital techniques, talk about his approach to color, and discuss some of the unique aspects to creating successful fantasy art for card games like Magic: The Gathering, all as you see this painting to come life right before your eyes.

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With a combined runtime of more than 5 hours, this is must have demo for any artist interested in doing work for Dungeons & Dragons, or Magic : The Gathering.