Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

Wow so crazy its the year 2020…Dropped out of art school in 2000 so its now been 20 years I’ve been working as a “professional”. Wild. So much has changed. If you’d told 2000 me that I’d be sitting here typing this blog post on this tablet that I do most of my drawing AND watch movies on I’m not sure my primitive brain would to unpack all of that.

The iPad and tablets in general have really changed things past few years with the size and mobility that’s made digital art so much more accessible. And one of the best things I’ve really come to love about working on a tablet has been the auto playback feature in procreate and art studio pro.

The ability to be able to play back what you just did allows for a level of dissection that just wasn’t practical Before. You can trace back through your steps, what worked, what went wrong…it’s Very valuable info and historically its been a hassle to record because you needed additional software and had to remember to start and stop it. It’s SO cool that programs do this automatically because you never know when you might hit on something.

What’s even better Than evaluating your own process is watching other peoples playbacks! Artists by nature tend to be visual learners and it’s SO helpful to be able to watch other’s processes, the stages they work in, the decisions they make, how their art brain works. I’m like a child on Christmas morning every time I watch one because it’s SO fascinating!

This is an incredibly valuable feature and I’m happy to see it being used with such frequency by so many artists. Hope it continues because I truly think this mass sharing of information helps move the entire field forward.

Here are some process videos for little sketches I do in between stuff.


Hope you all have a fantastic 2020. I wish you success in all of your artistic and life endeavors.