Art by Brian Stelfreeze.

Good friend and fellow illustrator Micah Epstein and I have been hosting a podcast called Black White Grey!, concerned with artistic development and illustration. We explore these topics on our own, but we also conduct interviews with great artists in an effort to better understand the path we all have to walk. Today we are beyond pleased to bring you a free interview with legendary storyteller and artist Brian Stelfreeze! You can listen right now, at

Additionally, Micah and I have decided to make all past and future interview episodes public, and will be releasing a new interview episode each week of this month, on Tuesdays. Special thanks goes out to fellow Muddy Colors contributors and friends Lauren Panepinto, Marc Scheff, and Dan Dos Santos for reminding us how important community is with their impromptu hosting of the Spectrum 27 annual awards show.

Because we pay our interview guests and value their time, we’ll still be taking donations towards the development of the show over at If you get something from these shows, value the time of the artists and creators involved, or want to help us bring more content like this into the world, you can support the show with even just a $1/month donation, and it will help so, so much. The schedule of interview releases during this special month will be as follows:




4.21.2020 – GREG RUTH


4.28.2020 – JEFF SIMPSON


5.5.2020 – MIRANDA MEEKS

May these interviews bring you stimulation, enjoyment, and the sense of community togetherness that we all need to keep going!