I’ve recently started a weekly illustration show on Twitch at Twitch.tv/justingerardillustration. It’s at Wednesdays at 10AM EST (with the occasional bonus late night show here and there). Each month on the channel we do a creature design event called #LETSDRAWMONSTERS.  We usually run the event on the first Wednesday of the month.

It goes like this: On the first Wednesday of the month we unveil the month’s mystery creature live on stream. I then share the mystery creature’s name, prompt, a little backstory, my reference materials and photos, and after that we get started scribbling away! The goal is to finish a creature design for this monster in 3 hours on stream. We do life studies, concept art sketches, tight pencils, and cover each aspect of the image creation in detail. Everyone can see all my reference and designs and use them if they like, or use all their own as they come up with their version of the monster. The event is open to ALL!

Here is our prompt from the first one!:

At the end of the stream, I ask everyone who wants to share their version of the monster to post theirs on Instagram and hashtag it #LETSDRAWMONSTERS.  I go through all the entries live on stream and we give out some fun prizes and just generally have a good time seeing what everyone came up with. Here were some of the winners from the last event:

Annie Stegg Gerard did her own version in the last one, and then did an incredible oil painting based off of it! Check out this timelapse video…

The next event will be Wednesday,May 6! Follow the #LETSDRAWMONSTERS hashtag or Justingerardillustration on Instagram if you want to take part in it!

Also, if you want to check out the first event “The Rabbat” you can check out the Twitch VOD here! Hope to see you there! -jg