It has been a pleasure and honor to add a painting of the Herald Taln to Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives.  The Stormlight Archives is a highly popular, exciting, and well written fantasy series begun 10 years ago, with the fourth novel, Rhythm of War due out this coming Fall.  Dan Dos Santos and Howard Lyon have created absolutely stunning works interpreting major herald characters from Brandon’s series over the past couple of years, and were used as end paper illustrations in releases of the books.  Taln is slated for inclusion in Rhythm of War.

Isaac Stewart, one of the wizards (and art director) who helps Brandon manage the growing Dragonsteel Entertainment business approached me a couple of years ago at IX Arts regarding the commission.  Luckily he and Brandon had plenty of time before any art was due and placed the concept of quality above deadline, ensuring I could deliver my best work for the painting of Taln.  And with the high bar set by Howard and Dan’s previous commissions, I HAD to deliver my best!

Below are the rough graphite paintings created as concepts, with a little digital play on one of them as I explored color and light possibilities.

Deep thanks to Brandon and Isaac for the chance to add such a strong and iconic character to the genre of fantasy art!