Nothing catching your eye on Netflix? Have you binge-watched everything on Amazon, Hulu, Discovery, and HBO? Well then…have I got something for you.

British artist Pete Beard—as far as I know, no relation to the late photographer Peter Beard—has been writing and producing a plethora of interesting videos devoted to illustration for the last few years. His “Unsung Heroes of Illustration” series is, I believe up to forty episodes so far and each is a delight. As if those weren’t enough to keep him busy he’s released mini documentaries devoted to the art of Mad, war propaganda, fantasy art, cartoons, and biographies of various illustrators, all skillfully narrated by Mr. Beard. They’d feel right at home on PBS. Today I thought I’d introduce everyone to a few of these wonderfully thoughtful and illuminating works (if you weren’t already aware of them); much more can be found at his YouTube channel. Enjoy!