Above: Iain McCaig’s poster for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn in 2016.

It seems we’re still a long way from “normal” as the pandemic continues to have a negative effect on pretty much everything—and, according to NIAID Director Dr. Fauci last week, it might be late 2021 before things begin to remotely-resemble pre-COVID-19 days. So while we’re wearing our masks, social distancing, limiting the numbers of people we interact with face-to-face, and in general behaving responsibly (unlike so many of the knot heads, deniers, and conspiracy theorists we see on the news and online, right?), we can still broaden our minds and get inspired by watching all sorts of interesting videos. Such as the excellent “Sketchbook” series made available from the European arts festival, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Their YouTube Channel features a plethora of lengthy visits with Karla Ortiz, Robh Ruppel, Tran Nguyen, Greg Manchess, other notable creators talking about art and the creative process as they show off their sketchbooks. They’re all enjoyable and enlightening and there’s such genuine warmth to the videos that you’ll almost feel like you were in the room with them. Here are a trio, just to show you what I mean.