Salvation is the latest work in my Empathetic Robot series, and finds us back in a urban setting and examining the human condition of hope.

As an artist who works best under deadlines, this project proved no different. By mid-August I decided I wanted to showcase a new painting for the up coming Lightbox Expo Online to be held in the beginning of September.ย  This provided me less than a months time to finalize the concept, gather my references, and execute the work to finish.ย  Not too difficult a problem as a typical deadline, except that I had two Magic cards and a book cover all due that same week in September!

Years of time management kicked in, parsing out my time with sketches, efficiency in preliminary drawing information, and staggering the work load so I did not have three or four paintings all needing polishing in that last week.

Although I cannot share the three other projects (you will all see them eventually!), I do have some of the process steps of Salvation documented here.

Salvation, abstracts 8′ x 11″


Salvation, 28″ x 22″ Oil on Panel, 2020