Muddy Colors strives to provide it’s readers with insight into the industry that is as relevant and current as possible. Part of that mission involves rotating our roster on occasion, and bringing on new members, to ensure we are providing you with a wide range of expert viewpoints.

With that said, it is our great privilege to announce several new members of Muddy Colors, all of whom will be making their debut posts in the next few weeks, and all of whom we are super excited about! So please join us in welcoming…

Winona Nelson

Winona actually began posting a few months ago here, but we wanted to take a moment to formally introduce her. Winona is an incredibly versatile artist who has had a hand in just about aspect of the industry we can think of… Books, Video Games, Movies, TCGs, Education, the list goes on! There is scarcely an area or medium that she hasn’t dabbled, and excelled, in.

Wylie Beckert

Wylie Beckert has more style and influence than her young age would imply. Her ethereal watercolors have already made a major mark on the industry, having worked for clients such as Magic: The Gathering. We find it particularly impressive that Wylie has flourished in a digitally dominated industry using traditional mediums, and has stood out from the crowd by doing so.

Chris Alzmann

Chris is a true veteran of the Concept Art industry. In fact, if you’ve been watching the Mandalorian, you’ve no doubt seen Chris’ art! As a chief Concept Designer at Lucas Films, Chris is the brains behind designs such as Baby Yoda, and plethora of other Star Wars favorites. With literal decades of experience in Illustration and Concept Art, we can’t wait to see what insight Chris will bring.

Miranda Meeks

You may have seen Miranda Meeks’ work on Muddy Colors before, when we created a video tutorial with her. Her work, which is absolutely seeping with mood and allegory, is a fan favorite, and makes her a perfect fit for projects like Magic: The Gathering and Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere series. Despite her young age, she is already becoming a staple in the genre.

Francis Vallejo

Francis is one of those guys that seems to be able to do it all. Toss whatever medium you want at him, and he’ll create something beautiful and sophisticated. Just check out his award-winning treatment of ‘The Anansi Boys’, by Neil Gaiman if you don’t believe us! As well as being an incredibly deft artist, Francis is an experienced educator, and will no doubt bring a wealth of insightful and clear information to the Muddy Colors roster.

We can’t wait to see what each of these new artists brings to the Muddy Colors site. We hope you’ll join us for it!