In case you missed the announcement some weeks back, Jim Demonakos launched a Kickstarter campaign with Kevin Konrad Hanna to produce a feature-length documentary about Grand Master Mike Mignola and his Hellboy Universe which includes comics, novels, games, films, and a variety of collectibles. Quickly funded, the campaign blew past its $58,000 target and unlocked stretch goals one after the other; to say that people are excited is an understatement (and you better believe that Cathy and I pledged faster than a jackrabbit on a date). The campaign ends at 10:59 PM CDT on March 31, 2021, so if you’d like to learn more watch the videos below or visit the Kickstarter page to find out about all the contributors and goodies.

And if that’s not enough Mignola goodness for you, Mike and his wife Christine have put together a collection of the pencil sketches he produced and they auctioned for charity during the pandemic lockdown. Published by Dark Horse Comics, all proceeds from sales of Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook go to support the work of José Andres’ non-profit World Central Kitchen. WCK distributes fresh individually packaged meals to children, families, and seniors in need in over 400 cities; so far the Mignolas have raised nearly a half million dollars for the charity. It’s an extremely fun book (imagine Mike’s take on breakfast cereal mascots) benefiting a wonderful cause: check it out!