Imagery from my latest Empathetic Robots private commission, enveloping the theme of St. George and the Dragon into my aesthetics of world building with the Robots.  At first I was very hesitant to accept this commission, as it seemed a far bit too odd.  But as I began to embrace the challenge, numerous visual solutions presented themselves,  allowing a run with atypical scenes and fueling a growing excitement for this piece!

I am very happy with the final results, and have a few process shots here for sharing.


In the end, I preferred the second sketch where each of the narrative players are given equal billing, calling into question who is the predator, lure, and conqueror.

Preliminary Drawing, 24″ x 18″ Graphite and Chalk on Toned Paper

Initial Acrylic Lay-in, final board size, 30″ x 23″.

Beginning phases of oil paint application.

Final color work. I LOVE that shadows can be filled with so much color!

The Violinist (my daughter Naomi!)

The Robot

The Dragon

The Dragon, Violinist, and Empathetic Robot, 30″ x 23″ Oil on Panel

And if I have to submit this to a contemporary illustration contest, this may be what I send in. Moonlight Serenade! It’s a good idea to make the image super simplified and graphic to read at 500 pixels tall amongst thousands of other images…