Quick, grab a 10 sided dice and roll it. There are 10 days left in December as of me writing this. What you rolled is how many monsters you have to draw!

I started the #d20dec challenge this month as a way to loosen myself up. Lately I feel like all my drawing has been towards some big finished painting, a step in the process and NOT just drawing for the fun of drawing. You know what I mean? It can be tough looking at a blank page. I needed something quick to draw without the pressure of it being some masterpiece of an idea. And I have to say I am on my 10th drawing as of this, and I feel the results. I am looser. Instincts are getting sharpened. I get to learn about the monsters. And since it has been a while since my D&D group could assemble, this is giving me that d20 fix I need in life!

And  bunch of folks have been joining me and are drawing their butts off and posting it! So if you want to saddle up for the adventure here are the rules. (Really more of a guide.)

Fischer’s #d20dec challenge: Roll it. Draw it. Post it!

Step 1: The full challenge is to draw 20 monsters from the monster manual in the month of Dec. (Or roll a d20 at the beginning of the month.) But if you are joining a late, roll a dice for how many days are left in the month, and that is how many you draw. Simple! (I use the monster manual, but use any book or on-line list, or, deck of pokemon cards- hell use the dictionary! The randomness is what’s important! (and the sensory satisfaction of rolling dice… I know you get it.)

Step 2: Roll a d20, and alphabetically find the letter in the Monster Manual to choose from. 1=A, 2=B, 3=c, etc etc. The first time you roll a 20, do that number. But the next time you roll a 20, add a 6-sider so you can potentially get every letter. (I am trying not to repeat letters.)

Step 3: Count how many monsters are under that letter, and you guessed it, roll another dice to see which one you have to draw.

Step 4: (Optional) Roll time. I roll a 10 sided percentile dice and that tells me how many minutes I have to draw it. (The least time I would have is 10 min and the most is 100 minutes.) But here is the cool thing, in D&D you can get advantage! That means you roll two of the same dice and pick the better number. So if I make the time on my current drawing, I get to roll two dice for my next time and select the longest time! (And boy do I need it!) That said, if you don’t beat the clock you get disadvantage on your next drawing- roll 2 dice, pick the worst time!

Step 5: Post it on line with #d20dec ! Also feel free to tag me and or post what you got in the comments on my instagram and facebook so everyone can check out yours out. I have been LOVING seeing all the drawings, people are into it, and it is firing me up even more!

That’s it folks! Here are my #d20’s so far. You can see video of them and the process on my Insta and Facebook.