Art by Sam Weber

Smart School is an interactive, on-line art mentorship program run Rebecca Guay, the Mastermind behind the highly successful IMC workshop. A collective of nearly a dozen instructors, the Smart School program is a 14 week, intensive mentorship where you can study with the artist of your choice. Unlike a lot of other online art programs, these are not pre-recorded classes. They are LIVE classes, where you can show your teacher your work, and the can give you direct feedback, and even paint-over your work as you watch. It is a truly a game-changer in art-education, and an option we can only wish we had back in the day.

Art by Dan dos Santos

Most classes have LIMITED SEATING, and there is no review process. Which means all spots are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enrollment has only been open a few days, and many classes are close to full already. So if you’ve been looking to further your art eduction, or even looking the perfect holiday gift for the aspiring artist in your life, hurry along and sign up!

Art by Donato Giancola

Artists who you can study with, include:

Sam Weber

Dan dos Santos

Cynthia Sheppard

Winona Nelson

Donato Giancola

Scott Fischer

Greg Manchess

Ray Bonilla

Marc Scheff

and Fischer & Manchess together!

If you want to see a taste of what’s in store for you, and just how far students progress in these classes, check out a small sampling of some student portfolios found here: