I don’t know about you, but I am excited to go to some events in 2022. I know we are still in the thick of Covid, but I feel like we are getting better at having events with reasonable precautions. A few years ago (2019… I can’t believe it) I was in invited as guest faculty at Jeff Miracola and Silvia Acevedo’s Fantasy Art Workshop. I had an incredible time. Jeff and Silvia put together a wonderful group of guests, including Thomas Blackshear who has been a hero of mine since I was a kid.

Well, after having to cancel for 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, they are going to fire things up again and hold another workshop. The Fantasy Art Workshop Illustration Intensive is a go for 2022! <- click this to check out the website and get even more details.

The workshop is, as the name suggests, intense! But in the best way possible. 5 days of art and presentations, eating meals together, looking at art, and studying together. I came away with a whole new group of friendships made throughout the week. I was inspired and had a blast working with everyone that came to the workshop.

Jeff and Silvia brought together a great group for this year’s workshop. Here are the announced guests… so far! I can’t wait to get to know them all over the course of the workshop.

In addition to the guests, Jeff has a set group of faculty:

My favorite thing about the workshop is seeing all the various attendees working in different media on a whole range of subjects. I learned something from every person there and their projects!

The workshop had plenty of time for people to paint but it was broken up with demos and presentations that were inspiring and motivating. Students worked in everything from digital to pencil to oils to acrylics and watercolors. Really, anything goes. The biggest thing to bring is a friendly disposition, energy to work long hours (if you want… you don’t have to marathon it, but it’s a ton of fun to paint late into the night with everyone), and something to take great notes with!

I hope that you can join me and everyone else attending this year!

Here is the link again if you’re interested. Sign up before it fills up! – Fantasy Art Workshop Illustration Illustration Intensive 2022

Howard Lyon