As promised to all the Muddy readers, here’s the link to the stage play production of Above the Timberline!

The production went on to become a regional finalist in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. After winning awards of merit for Costume Design, Media Design, Assistant Media Design and Program Coordination, Timberline is now a finalist to be viewed at the National Level.

As one theater-goer exclaimed, “It’s not just a play, it’s an event!”

Seeing your characters come to life on stage, in costume and expressing the body language and idiosyncrasies of people that had only previously lived in your head is something magical to behold. Then putting all of them in a world that you can actually hear, adds another layer of astonishment.

The crew, the cast, the costumers, the puppeteers, the director…everyone involved were thrilled to work on the play. The collaborate effort achieved was incredible to behold.

As the creator of the Timberline world, you can’t imagine how awe-inspiring it’s been.

Dive in! I hope you enjoy it!

all photos: @fischergenau