This weekend Muddy Colors will host a live lecture, followed by a Q&A, with illustrator and educator, Ron Lemen.

Ron Lemen is an incredibly knowledgable artist who has a real gift for sharing his expertise in a very approachable manner specifically geared to artists. His series on anatomy has long been one of most popular demos, and we have no doubt this coming lecture will be a wonderful follow up!

Color is maybe one of the biggest issues we see artists continually struggle with, regardless of medium. And although many of us understand the basics color theory, we still struggle with how to implement that theory into our actual work in an affective manner. So for the past few months, Ron has been developing a comprehensive series of posts right here on Muddy Colors detailing his views on Color Theory and how we can better utilize that theory. We figured a live video presentation would be amazing way to get this information out there for everyone in an easy-to-understand manner.

This lecture will be live-streamed right here on Muddy Colors, this Saturday, April 30th, at 7pm EST. All you have to do is visit our mainpage at the designated time, and you’ll see the video right there.

It is entirely thanks to the support of our Patreon Subscribers that we are able to offer this live event for FREE to EVERYONE in our wonderful community.


In addition to the in-depth presentation, those watching live will also be able to ask questions and receive specific feedback immediately following the lecture during a Q&A. This is the perfect opportunity to ask Ron’s input on those pesky color issues that have been stumping you!

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