Not too long ago we took a look through my next sketchbook, a collection of works completed (mostly) during 2021. I say mostly because at the end of that previous article I showed a few digital scribbles for a couple of new drawings I want to include.

Well, for this month I thought we’d take a closer look at one of those!

Oftentimes when planning a series I’ll have a handful of ideas rattling around that don’t quite crystalize right away. For any number of reasons things might not click. The idea might need more room to breathe, it’s too vague, or simply needs iterations of thumbnails. Or it could just need time.

Because the feeling might be there encapsulated in some rough scribble but the actual pencil-to-paper form isn’t there yet. Needs time to grow.

A few pages and scribbles from a previous sketchbook where I toyed with some of this imagery but never quite felt it land.

Reaching back to some of these ideas and reworking the elements, I arrived at this digital rough.

I liked the chunkiness and shapes but something was missing. Didn’t start to feel right until I added the little figure.

From there it was a matter of moving in to the finished drawing. Here’s a look at it in progress.

And the actual final.

Next time we’ll continue in pt. II with a look at creating the final work!