While I patiently await any chance to paint ‘the’ Black Lotus for Magic The Gathering, why not paint a bunch of lotuses! We are talking about Bloom Tender for Magic the Gathering, Double Masters two. And not only is there a black lotus but there is one for every other color of Magic card. (Couldn’t figure out how to do an artifact Lotus in this scene… hmmmm…)

Anyway, what follows is 11 minutes of me painting a lovely card called Bloom Tender. Look out for lotuses, symbolically growing life from death, AND, don’t panic when I totally paint out the face and repaint it. Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. If something if your painting bugs you, fix it. Sounds easy enough, but hard to do sometimes. Often we just keep struggling with something that isn’t working, when in reality, if we just stopped, and repainted it, we will actually do it faster and better than if we kept fighting it.