We are proud to offer 2 new videos, both available in our shop today!

Our first video comes from Kevin Mc Givern.

Kevin’s first video on drawing a portrait in charcoal is one of our favorites. So we’re extra excited to present a second volume, where Kevin goes even more in-depth into his technique and thought process when drawing the human head. Learn how the underlying forms of a face work, helping you decipher what you see, and thereby render it more accurately.

You can get more info and purchase Kevin’s video right here:


Our second video is from Lisa Cyr.

A large part of illustration is not about WHAT you paint, but rather HOW you paint that thing. Personal interpretation and the ability to elevate even a mundane subject is an important part of artistic expression.

In this video, Illustrator and Educator, Lisa Cyr, will walk you through a variety of techniques for creating inspiring backgrounds, borders, surface treatments to help you bring an added layer of complexity and interest to your traditional works.

If you enjoy the works of artists like Vanessa Lemen, Dave McKean, and Jeffrey Alan Love, this is the video for you!

You can get more info and purchase Lisa’s video right here:

As usual, both of these videos are available at a reduced cost for our Patreon members. In fact, if you sign up for our Patreon today, you can still stream both of these videos for just $5! This offer will expire soon though, so don’t delay!