Why The Great Con-Junction?

“​We chose the name ‘The Great Con-Junction’ not just as a nod to the Film and a fun play on words, but also because we feel these events bring Dark Crystal fans together from all over the world to celebrate something we love – So it literally is a great conjunction of the talented people that made the film and the TV series (The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance) and fans alike!”

– The Great Con-Junction Event Director, Zay Mirmalek

Mark your calendars for an incredible event celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jim Henson’s iconic fantasy film, The Dark Crystal.

This two day convention (with an after-party at the Jim Henson Lot) is November 12 – 13th and I’m very proud to say that I’ll be there as a guest!

Over the years I’ve chronicled my love and admiration for Jim Henson’s worlds, in particular his 1982 film The Dark Crystal, here on Muddy Colors. There was a time where I’m sure it seemed that’s all I was ever going to write about!

Whether book covers, interior illustrations, or storybooks it’s been to my utter delight and good fortune to have had a chance to walk in Thra. The experience has always felt a touch otherworldly; just how often is it that commissioned work aligns so perfectly with your own inner voice and vision? The Dark Crystal strikes like a tuning fork for me.

And I know I’m not alone in that regard! So many have found a home in that strange and wonderful realm and The Great Con-Junction brings them all together:

Authors, historians, artists and puppeteers from the original film and the Netflix series, voice actors, and creatives instrumental to the creation The Dark Crystal and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

The guest list is truly spectacular and grows week by week. I can hardly keep up with the announcements (like which original puppets will be on display or next the guest or new special activity) but fortunately all the news and updates are here.

The event will also feature vendors and artists, as well as a wide variety of panel talks and writers workshops. I hope to be able to pop in to some of those but I’ll be doing my own, too! For one, I’m excited to share a portrait drawing workshop exploring my favorite creatures ever put to film, the gentle and mysterious urRu. The Mystics.

Want to see what it’s all about? Take a look at this video showcasing the previous Great Con-Junction!

I’ve said it here before but it bears repeating: a walk in the world of The Dark Crystal, however brief, always leads to new ideas and visions.

To be able to join this amazing, creative event is an honor and I hope to see you there!

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