By Justin Gerard

Today, I have a time-lapse video of a traditional watercolor for you!

Recently I had a dual Twitch stream with David Petersen of Mouseguard for a charity drive for World Central Kitchen. Here is the final scan of mine, plus a video time-lapse, (which features a fun bit of the banter at the end, as I try to connive my way into David’s Mouseguard series and his forthcoming Weasel War book.)

“Squint Axe-Mouse” YOUTUBE LINK

The dual stream was a challenge event, where David and I did a sketch of a creature from our own world, then send it off to the other for them finish live on stream.  I sent David a classic dragon sketch, and here is what David sent me:


We eventually titled the character “Squint Axe Mouse,” but “Justin Scarsguard,” and “Gerscar the Klutz” were in the running as well, since the chat it seems had decided to run with the idea that while this character might be a tough-looking hard case, but he probably gave himself the mean looking scar in a very underwhelming accident tripping over a spoon while drunk, but tells everyone that he “regularly gets into fights with a foxes, and you should have seen what the other guy looked like afterwards!” This left us with Squint Axe Mouse.

I doubt that we will ever see Squint here as part of the Mouseguard, but he was a pleasure to work on.  Thank you everyone who came to hang out on stream with us, and for all the great name suggestions! Thank you to David Petersen for the great event. You can check out David’s work here:

David’s Instagram

David’s Twitch