For the Halloween season, the Savannah Gallery of Art (SGA) has an exciting invitational exhibition of imaginative realistic art on display entitled Monsters, Magic & Make Believe. An artist reception will be held on October 20, from 6 to 8 pm at the gallery.

The impetutus for the show came out of SGA Managing Partner and exhibition curator James Mravec’s love of narrative illustration and imaginative storytelling. “I had been following many speculative fiction artists for over 40 years. It is a passion of mine.” shares Mravec. “The Monsters, Magic & Make Believe show just seemed like a great way to pass on my love of imaginative realism imagery to the public here in Savannah.” Working with Associate Managing Partner Jime Wimmer, Mravev invited artists in the science fiction and fantasy genres to participate in this month-long exhibition.

The Savannah Gallery of Art’s primary mission is to be a business run by artists for the promotion of local artists. Since their humble beginnings in October of 2021, the gallery has grown in their focus and scope. “The gallery has started to garner attention from beyond the low country region here in Georgia,” adds Mravec. “The last annual juried show had artists submitting work from Texas, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.” Artists participating in the Monsters, Magic & Make Believe show has committed artists from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan and as far away as Hawaii. With the success of this show, the Savannah Gallery of Art would like to make the Monsters, Magic & Make Believe theme an annual event. Currently, SGA represents approximately thirty regional working artists.

Check out some of the art that will be shown and/or available for purchase during the exhibition at the Savannah Gallery of Art. Here is the list of contributing artists to the Monsters, Magic & Make Believe exhibition:

Ben Greene

Jarhead by Ben Greene

Ben Ward

Confederate Zombie by Ben Ward

Bob Eggleton

Ted the Man-Thing by Bob Eggleton


Lord Kashaol by Brom

Courtney Trowman

Crystal Cave by Courtney Trowman

Elisabeth Alba

Odette by Elisabeth Alba

Frank Walls

The Devil and His Muses by Frank Walls

James Mravec

Bela Lugosi Dracula by James Mravec

Lisa Cyr

Pegaea at Twilight by Lisa L Cyr

Rebecca Guay

Angel of Dreams by Rebecca Guay

Ron Spears

Franky by Ron Spears

Scott Bakal

Zombie by Scott Bakal

Scott Murphy

Spellbook Vendor by Scott Murphy

Warner MgGee

Fright Night by Warner McGee

Stephen Gardner

Brian Bowes

Cameron Tiede

Casey Nelson

Diego Otero

Doug Sirois

Gloria Pridemore

Ian Walker

Jamie Azevedo

Jime Wimmer

Joe Shields

Kelly Boehmer

Lindsay Schutz

Lino Azevedo

Mike Wimmer

Olivia Beaumont

Paul Downs

Quintin Gleim

Ryan Sanchez

Erica Catherine Fulp

Gary Covell

Pat Lamar 

Ny Wetmore

Danielle Stanley

You can follow the gallery and the artworks on exhibition on Instagram at @SavannahGalleryofArt or contact SGA Managing Partner James Mravec for purchase inquiries at or