Volcanic Cones by Maynard Dix

We talk about gesture a lot in regards to the human figure, but as I work on my current projects, I have been admiring a number of landscape paintings for their wonderful gesture. Lines, literal or implied, can be handed off between elements, sweeping and long to feel expansive or calm, or decisively terse and staccato to feel exciting or agitated.  So, today I am sharing a few of these paintings that have been inspiring me!


A Wild Land by Brett Allen Johnson


Baileys by Brian Sindler


Storm Momentum by Ed Mell


Clouds with Grain Elevator by Phil Epp


Where the Land is Big by Brett Allen Johnson


Rainy Season in the Tropics by Frederic Edwin Church


Into the Canyon by Ed Mell


Morning Fog by Eyvind Earle


Green Fields by Eyvind Earle


Green Hillside by Eyvind Earle