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On Collaboration: Awaken the Night

Kristine Poole

[caption id="attachment_54269" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] In collaborating, you can do "Clash of the Titans" only if it makes you laugh![/caption] Artists tend to be solitary creatures - totally engrossed in long hours of conversation with our muse rather than with other people. Weโ€™re all familiar with marathon days and nights spent in the studio, times in which we resurface only periodically, feeling a bit disoriented by the outside world. As such, collaborations between artists are often…




Fischer paints MTG- Chord of Calling

Scott Fischer

September 29, 2020 - Dudes, here we go, the final in my trilogy of narrated process videos for the Double Masters: Magic the Gathering set. You've seen Force of Will. You've seen Kaalia of the Vast. Now it is time for the card 'Chord of Calling'. Full of thrills, and chills! Including, destroying a face and redoing it AND we get crazy with the stencils and makeup brushes. You have 17 Min of rootin tootin art wrangling ahead of you. So grab a drink and saddle up! This painting is Acrylic on pre primed cradled gesso panel. I am painting with Robert Simmons white sable brushes and Nikko nib pens.



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