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Author: Dan dos Santos

Rose Red

My ‘Rose Red’ painting is currently hanging at the Norman Rockwell Museum as part of...

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Studio Equipment : Pegboard

A large part of being a productive artist is about having a reliable and comfortable workflow. Each of us has our own needs and habits when working, but over the years, there are a few tools that have become truly indispensable to me in the studio. They usually save me time, add convenience, or simply keep my studio clean. I think most of these items would benefit a lot of artists, and so I like…

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  • elise brink on Varnishing Your PaintingsAny polyurethane is the painting conservators nightmare. Please never us it on your painting unless you don't care if your painting's last.
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  • Meg on It’s Not You, It’s the SystemI totally relate to brush cleaning, and as a not-at-all-personal suggestion ;) I use brush dip from Geneva. It absolutely changed my painting habits,…