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Author: Dan Luvisi

Why We Fall

-By Daniel LuVisi Art by Allison Smith. “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick...

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Holding On

-By Dan Luvisi My father, who has recently just become interested in the usage of text messaging,...

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Leggo your Ego

-By Dan Luvisi Got your attention? That’s a new painting I just finished for my book Popped...

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Popped Culture

-By Dan LuVisi Hello everyone! Guess what? I’m painting again, and it feels wonderful. This...

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Pain and gain.

-By Dan Luvisi I had a big large post, but I messed up my drawing-arm the other week, and it hurts...

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That Cat Guy

-By Dan LuVisi Hello everyone, My name is Dan. Some people refer to me as “That Cat...

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