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Author: Jesper Ejsing


-By Jesper Ejsing A couple of weeks ago I was offered a rather strange assignment. A set of Lord...

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-Jesper Ejsing It still feels like I just got back from the beautiful Stockholm. Even if it was...

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-Jesper Ejsing To be honest I do not know anything about composition: I have had no training or...

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By Jesper Ejsing I have been wanting to paint a painting just for me, for a very long time. Last...

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-By Jesper Ejsing About a year ago I painted six theme covers for Wizards of the Coast. This cover...

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-By Jesper Ejsing A year ago I made these six covers for Wotc. This is the cover showing 2...

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By Jesper Ejsing I was asked by the fine people at ImagineFX if I wanted to do a workshop article...

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