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Lisa Cyr’s Artist’s Materials & Methods, Vol. 1: Surfaces


Want to know how to prime your surface, or mount paper, or how to properly varnish a painting? Then this is the video series for you. In the vain of ‘The Artist’s Handbook’, Lisa Cyr creates a modern video guide of ‘Materials & Methods’ designed for today’s artists.

Vol. 1 : Surfaces & Grounds

In this Volume, artists will learn about how to properly select, prepare, size, prime and creatively texture a variety of flexible and rigid painting substrates and unique constructs. Step-by-step demonstrations on stretching paper, applying canvas to stretcher bars, glueing canvas to wood, sizing and priming decorative wood surfaces as well as how to plan and design works in unique formats, like diptychs, triptychs, and multi-pieced constructs, are included. From wood, metal, layered constructs, custom cut panels, engraved surfaces and inlaid constructs to canvas, paper and illustration board, a variety of substrates are explored.

Runtime: 1 hr, 35 min
Resolution: 1080p