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The Last 5%

After some recent conversations with a student, I started exploring my mental checklist for...


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  • aielene on Raising an Artist: Art School AdmissionsI must say it is very well written; the blog held all the precise information about theOTT platform Development Company
  • Peter Anton on The Faerie Queene ProjectThis looks awesome- always love your artwork. Looking forward to seeing more!
  • nico kopf on The Idea MapThis is one fantastic article! Thanks for sharing your process. At times I also start a piece completely different to the methods used by most. It can…
  • Steve on The Idea MapThat is a wonderful breakdown of your method, Wylie. I've used something similar- making an idea/theme map- for environment design projects in animati…
  • Wylie Beckert on The Idea MapThank you! Playing card art is such a different animal from all the other types of images I've done — taking on a multi-deck project for the current o…