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I’m excited to share that the opening for my solo exhibition “Bloom” is coming up on June...


When I was approached about doing this piece for Tor Books, the concept was relatively narrowed...

The Number One Art Tip Demystifed

If you’ve been practicing drawing for years, a newbie or a seasoned pro you know that age-old advice, “draw from life.” It seems to be the answer for all sorts of art questions, like, how can I get better?  How can I draw faster? How do I find my style? First, what is drawing from life? Drawing from life, or sometimes called, “drawing from observation’ is a practice where the artist draws what they see…

Ink Witches

It’s no secret that artists hoard art supplies like dragons. How many blank sketchbooks are...

Sandy Kossin

We just lost another of America’s great illustrators, again. Several years ago, before the...


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