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Thinking in 3D

In this month’s exclusive video, award-winning sculptor Ben Hammond talks about the art of...


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  • Surendran on Artist’s StudiosI loved it 😍🌈💗 GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY!!
  • carissa on Reference, ExactlyAwesome! Love to see more artists being open about how they use references -- and the amazing work that comes of it. :) I have always loved the Touch…
  • Jan S. Gephardt on Reference, ExactlyWhat a cool glimpse "under the hood" for the rest of us. We owe you, man! Thanks!
  • Tommy Arnold on Reference, ExactlyI'm not painting over the photo, although that is a perfectly valid method. Whenever I've tried it I find that I have to spend an awful lot of time "g…
  • John Pellicciotta on Reference, ExactlyThis is quite interesting. I do have a question. I have recently been digging into reference photographs and using photoshop almost as a Camera Obscur…