I wanted to share a new company that is making panels. Full disclosure, while I have no financial or official connection to the company, I did share my experience making panels with them. I made some suggestions as to what materials they might use, specifically BEVA Film and Artfix linen. So, I have a connection to the company and want to see them succeed. Having said that I have used their panels for several paintings now and I can say they are as good as any panel I have made or purchased!

KUBO Arts website

I love the Artfix panels, but the Claessens panels are very nice too. I also have used the Cotton panels for some studies. It’s nice to have affordable options for works that you aren’t planning to place in the Louvre, but you still want a good surface to work with.

The company is new to making panels, but not new to making similar products. They have experience making dye sublimation prints on metal and fabric, which is a technical cousin to making quality panels of sorts. The heat presses and the step-by-step are very similar. It was a logical step of sorts to start making quality painting panels!

If you get some panels, I do recommend getting at least one of the Artfix panels. The linen is such a great surface to work on! KUBO Arts website

Thanks for giving the post a read!