19th and 20th Century Sculpture: Including Works by Rodin’s Teacher, Carrier-Belleuse

It has been a while since I have posted images from an auction, so I went looking to see what’s out there!  I came across this great auction! I say it everytime, but I love the great high resolution captures of art that the big auction houses provide. Sotheby’s is no exception of course. They are leading the way!

Sculpture auctions are especially fun when they include rotations of the work as well as some details. Check out the different views of this beautiful work:

Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, 1824 – 1887.  Bust of a Girl – terracotta, on a faux marble socle

Terra-cotta sculpture is so appealing to me. I love the color and detail that if often offers. It seems there was a golden era of terra-cotta sculpture from this era. So many stunning works!

Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, 1824 – 1887. L’Amazone captive (The Captive Amazon) – terracotta, on an ebonised wood base 

Look at this gorgeous marble sculpture. I love the way Deloye used subtle different textures on the marble to convey different subjects. Also look at the masterful way the roses are sculpted into the fabric in the back view. It is impressionistic, with forms indicated and lost edges. It’s like a Sargent painting 🙂

Gustave Deloye, 1848 – 1899. La Fortune – white marble, on a fleur de pêcher marble base  

This bronze archer below is so cool. I love the detail of the costume and armor as well as the way different patinas were employed to convey the different the skin and some of the materials. I’d love to fill my home with sculpture like this!

Albert-Ernst Carrier-Belleuse, 1824 – 1887. Renaissance Archer – bronze, dark brown patina, on a black marble base  

Go and visit the site and take in the rest of the amazing works in this auction collection! Can we start a Muddy Colors museum and crowdsource some funding to buy great works!? 🙂

Thanks for giving this a read!