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Brave New World

  Many illustrators are also teachers.  During the pandemic most of us have had to convert...


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  • Greg on GHOSTS!Never heard tell but thanks for the recommend! I’ve indulging in the magnificent short story collection THE DARK DARK by Samantha Hunt this week. Just…
  • Greg on GHOSTS!Hah! Thanks- that’s then goal. Get that muse hustlin.
  • Carlo on Breaking Down Color Episode 1Very usefull, thanks for sharing :)
  • Marion on Breaking Down Color Episode 1Thank you for the great video, color is a subject I'll never get tired of learning about. One subject I would like to hear about is saturation (chroma…
  • jeeva on Breaking Down Color Episode 1oh my gosh, finally I learn the color ideas.this tutorial is awesome sir. In the future try to 1 and 2 hours length video DVD would be helpful…