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Materials and Methods


Want to know how to properly prime your surface, stretch canvas, or varnish a painting? Always wondering what all those mediums actually do? It’s all right here! In the vain of ‘The Artist’s Handbook’, artist and educator Lisa Cyr creates a modern and remarkably comprehensive video guide of ‘Materials & Methods’ designed for today’s artists.

This 3 Volume set runs a total of 5 hours and contains the following videos:

Volume 1: Surfaces & Grounds

In this video, artists will learn about how to properly prepare, and creatively texture, a wide variety of surfaces. Step-by-step demonstrations on stretching paper, applying canvas to stretcher bars, glueing canvas to wood, preparing wood surfaces, as well as how to plan works in unique formats, like diptychs and triptychs. From wood, metal, layered constructs, custom cut panels, engraved surfaces and inlaid constructs to canvas, paper and illustration board, nearly every surface you could imagine is explored.

Volume 2: Brushes & Tools

This volume is a comprehensive guide to traditional, as well as custom, brushes, tools, and studio equipment. What tools give you unique textures, how to wash your brushes, what kind of palette should you use? Each tool is thoroughly investigated, so artists can make the right choices for their artistic needs.

Volume 3: Pigments, Mediums & Varnishes

Throughout this video, a diverse array of oil to water-based painting pigments, mediums and varnishes are deconstructed, helping you better understand what all these materials do, and how best to use them. Learn about different pigments, additives, and how to properly varnish a painting.

Runtime: 4hr 50m
Resolution: 1080p