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Why Everyone Should Make Comics…

Greg Ruth

... But Not Everyone Should Make a Career of Them. Comics have more to teach us than simply the ins and outs of their own medium particulars. If you boil it down to its simplest form, comics are a storytelling medium, as all our writing, and illustration work truly is. Whether we make book covers, album jackets, movie posters, children's picture books... even character design... they all derive from the need to understand, comprehend and…




Failure… my new BFF?

Kristine Poole

May 13, 2021 - Failure is a lot like broccoli - it actually is really good for you, but it takes some effort to make it palatable. And sometimes, no matter what you do, it’s just plain yucky. Most creatives are no strangers to failure - it is, after all, an integral part of the process of innovation, something artists excel at. Whether the big belly flop shows up in the form of materials not working the way we expected, a piece not quite living up to how great it was in our mind or having our work rejected from a show, nothing quite matches the stinging “agony of defeat” when we (unsuccessfully) release our inner visions into the world. Even the historical greats had to contend with things not going as planned, from Michaelangelo’s dream commission for the…



Recent Comments

  • Marion Boddy-Evans on Failure… my new BFF?I really enjoyed this. Very encouraging to just keep going because you can't know where it'll end. I once did a portrait sculpture work…
  • Larry on Orphans & ReservoirsI’m working on a pencil drawing from a sketch I did maybe 25 years (?) ago. I have images in sketchbooks, loose papers, whatever I can…
  • Kristine Poole on Failure… my new BFF?Thanks Christof - it's been such a pleasure being part of the Muddy Colors community and getting to share a bit of 3D. 🙂
  • Christof Simons on Failure… my new BFF?Really enjoyed that. Also great to see sculptor articles on Muddy Colors
  • Kim Dawn on Richard Schmid 1943-2021This is sad, I was a great follower of his artwork. May he rest in peace 🙁
  • Sebastian Posada on Dappled LightI just used in a portrait I'm about to finish! Obviously I'm just at my start. But so inspiring to realize how you think about it and w…
  • Chris Cole on Dappled LightVery timely! I've been attempting dappled lighting in my latest painting and finding it quite challenging. It's definitely on my list t…


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