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Some Painting Process Notes For The Lightkeeper

Vanessa Lemen

[caption id="attachment_57229" align="aligncenter" width="463"] The Lightkeeper, oil on panel, 14x11"[/caption] In this post, I’m sharing some notes and images from the process of my painting The Lightkeeper. _________________________________ The painting started out as much of my personal work does, by making abstract marks in oil on panel and finding forms that start to read as a conglomeration of familiar forms. The first image here shows the painting in an upside down format, and the other…




Left Brain Occupation

Allen Williams

March 5, 2021 - Many people, myself among them, have a need to “have something going” in the background when working. Some people like to work in complete silence, though to be honest, I haven’t met many who say that. I tend to want silence when I’m in certain stages of a piece, usually when I'm at the very beginning, at the concept phase, at least for my own work. When I’m concepting for others I tend to want energetic music at the beginning. Back in the 90’s , before the internet got into full swing and so many distractions became readily available, we had fewer sources of media to occupy that side of the brain that is less engaged when doing work. I don’t think its as cut and dried as delineated left brain/right brain but that's probably…



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  • Luca on Left Brain OccupationI love listening to music that can inspire me in the beginning, in the creative phase, while sketching thumbnails, working on compositi…
  • Alice on Left Brain OccupationI like silence, rain sounds or epic soundtracks without vocals.
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