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Arnie Fenner

Robert Self [1966-2022]. Photo by Greg Preston at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!, 2013. I suppose the easiest way to describe Bob Self is to say he was, quite simply...Bob Self. Publisher, entrepreneur, and showman, Robert “Bob” Self died a day before his birthday as the result of an accident at Mono Lake in California on August 3, 2022. I first met Bob at a Book Expo America convention—I think in Chicago—and we immediately hit it…




Inspiration: Light!

Rovina Cai

August 13, 2022 - In my work lately I've been focusing a lot on light, and how it can be used to create interesting shapes and unconventional compositions. So today I am sharing a few images from my inspiration folder that feature ✨light✨ (and shadow) in creative ways. Alas, deadlines loom, so I can't write about the topic in depth, but looking a pretty pictures is always a good thing, right? David Grove - Society of Illustrators annual…



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