Shall we go on an adventure on the high seas with this one? Safe to say the adventure got off to a slow start as this drawing has been sitting around the studio for a couple years waiting for me to paint it, lol. I actually did a video here on Muddy showing you how I mount the printed out drawing on panel. And the idea actually goes back many more years as a concept that I’d painted digitally, but always wanted to revisit in real paint. And we finally got there.

And I did try and be adventurous with the paint. There were certain areas like the waves and sky that there was no reference. Sure I was trying to go after some of that Japanese wood block vibe for the waves, but that is usually just flat graphics. In the end I just had to dive in (See what I did there?) get zen and figure out the values and color on the fly.

I hope you guys dig it. By far the toughest part was figuring out how to draw that dress transforming into a boat sail. Many hours cursing Poseidon for that decision, but so glad I didn’t get lost at sea! (I couldn’t resist. So sorry.)