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Toned Paper and Painting

When I was in art school we were given an assignment to draw on sheets of brown paper using only white chalk and charcoal. I’m talking like cheap-ass grocery bags, burned sticks of wood, and chunks of the Dover coast. I had no idea what the point was. Now I do. This was back before plastic grocery bags were invented… which were later made illegal, so we’d switch to reusable (great!), which then became illegal…


Of all the seasonal and year long creatures to be spooked by, for me personally since I was very...

10 things…10 best

Hard to believe it’s been ten years of writing for Muddy Colors. We took an inkling of an idea and fleshed it out into one of the all-time best artist sites anywhere. That’s what nearly all of these “10 things…” posts are about: building and striving toward success. It’s difficult to say which posts are best. Instead of listing my personal favorites, I thought of them as a portfolio of posts. Which ones are practical…

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