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State of Illustration Report

Lauren Panepinto

Popping up from a mess of deadlines to share that The State of Illustration report is out, and it's very informative. It's a survey of mostly Hire and Illustrator artists (many of which are from this community) and organized into a nice pay-what-you-wish PDF download here. It's full of great info, which I don't want to reproduce too much here because it's a labor of love and you should toss some money in the tip…




Dragon Crew Two Launch!

Gregory Manchess

April 21, 2021 - This Thursday, April 22nd, Dragon Crew Two will launch to the International Space Station wearing my mission patch design. I worked with the astronauts to build an image that reflected their mission. I did a couple of dozen designs and then showed them what I was thinking. From there I worked specifically with astronaut, Aki Hoshide, to refine and adjust the elements. It was important to know how the capsule works in order to depict it in the right configuration. For example, I couldn’t have flames coming out of the dragon engine ports as those only fire in emergency, to pull the crew capsule away from any danger happening with the rocket. All-in-all, a patch should be a positive expression of a successful flight! Next step was working out the color. We went through lots…



Recent Comments

  • Charlie Utting on State of Illustration ReportThis is terrific! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks to Darren for creating it. Interesting to see how one lines up with this data. Wh…
  • Lauren Panepinto on State of Illustration ReportGreat, thanks for the take. I don't want people to get too panicky! I know plenty of illustrators making a living wage or better.
  • Tom Wood on The Land of EemSuper piece of work! Thanks for taking us through its development. I met you at the Fantastic Art Conference in Utah. I was very impres…
  • Sebastian Posada on Dragon Crew Two Launch!So cool to see this! Remings of Epcot Center in the 90's! Haven't been there since. The patches look beautiful and full of positive ene…
  • Francis Vallejo on State of Illustration ReportWas just reviewing this report with my classes, with similar notes on the demographic.
  • nico kopf on The Land of EemGreat job on this! Can see how your style was what they were looking for, as your work is usually light-hearted, even when depicting th…
  • Phillip Vircks on Dragon Crew Two Launch!Looks great! Quite an honor to be working on that kind of project.


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