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The Faerie Queene Project

Justin Gerard

Today I'm pleased to share a few images from a new edition of the Faerie Queene that I am illustrating. The project is a modern English transposition of Spenser's classic tale by Oasis Family Media and will feature 72 illustrations. This will be the largest single project I have ever undertaken and I couldn't be more excited. The story is filled with absolutely fantastic imagery. There is darkness, beauty, bravery, monsters, and plenty of classical mayhem. It was…




The Idea Map

Wylie Beckert

June 14, 2021 - The prevailing wisdom is that a painting starts with a sketch. My own methods are a little less direct; usually the beginning of one of my paintings looks something like this: I've found this sort of written concept exploration is damn near essential to making a good painting - first and foremost because it helps me avoid making the kind of rote images ("girl standing badassedly with sword; flames optional") with which the fantasy art world is already well-supplied. More surprisingly, it does quite a bit of the heavy lifting for a painting. It's a lot easier to get away with a bit of broken anatomy or an imperfect inkwash if your image is ABOUT something - keeping the eye and mind of the viewer too busy to dwell on the way you drew an…



Recent Comments

  • nico kopf on The Faerie Queene ProjectVery, very cool! Can't wait for more. Best of luck with this project!
  • Paul herbert on The Idea MapIt is a tricky format to mess with. Lots of decisions involved with each card depiction all the while trying to keep it all cohesive. I…
  • aielene on Raising an Artist: Art School AdmissionsI must say it is very well written; the blog held all the precise information about theOTT platform Development Company
  • Peter Anton on The Faerie Queene ProjectThis looks awesome- always love your artwork. Looking forward to seeing more!
  • nico kopf on The Idea MapThis is one fantastic article! Thanks for sharing your process. At times I also start a piece completely different to the methods used…
  • Steve on The Idea MapThat is a wonderful breakdown of your method, Wylie. I've used something similar- making an idea/theme map- for environment design proj…
  • Wylie Beckert on The Idea MapThank you! Playing card art is such a different animal from all the other types of images I've done — taking on a multi-deck project fo…


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