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Drawing for Fun

Donato Giancola

From the beginnings of my professional career in 1992 to where I am today, I have held the persistent need and desire to deliver the best of my abilities for my clients projects. Typically if a commission has six to eight weeks to deadline, and I love the content, I try to carve out as much of…




Artist Spotlight: Eyvind Earle

Scott Fischer

August 3, 2021 - Feeling stale? Not so fresh? When you start yawning at your own paintings,  a sure cure is to look at the act of creating through another artists eyes. Someone who makes you tilt your head like a dog hearing, "Wanna treat?" And even if they don't paint the way you strive too, the way they think, the way they bend reality to their own artistic vision, is just as valid- and perhaps even more likely to help you break out of your stale saltine box. Well have I got a treat for you, Mr. Eyvind Earle. While I wish I could say, "Dude, I was into the 'Eyv', way before he was cool." The reality is I didn't start studying him until I bought an art book for the movie, "Open Season". And though you…



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  • Sam on Artist Spotlight: Eyvind EarleAwesome spotlight Scott! I've been a huge Eyvind Earle fan almost my whole life. Really cool to see this post today, because I just got…
  • Aaron on David Petersen’s The Owlhen CaregiverThanks for posting this Corey. Amazing work. I love that last panel on the bottom page with all things in silhouette in the background…
  • Meg on It’s Not You, It’s the SystemI totally relate to brush cleaning, and as a not-at-all-personal suggestion 😉 I use brush dip from Geneva. It absolutely changed my pa…
  • Ryan Van Eyk on Fresh PerspectivesHi David, What an absolutely amazing perspective on well, perspective. I have never heard of the swinging lens before. Thank you so muc…
  • Veniamin Beniaminov on Book Cover Trends thru Time (via DUNE)Brilliant article Lauren, Thank you kindly for the well researched look at the DUNE art through the decades. I inteded to read the saga…


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