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The Mandalorian Helmet

Gregory Manchess

What can I say. The Mandalorian. C’mon…he’s great. The students from my SmArt School Dynamic Illustration class told me I’d get hooked, and they were right. They were so interested in the character that they pushed each other to do Mandalorian self-assignments during the weeks between classes. Coming up this Spring, I’m devoting an entire semester to teaching portraiture. Portrait As Story will be 14 weeks long, taking a hard look at how to make…




The Wisdom of the Lazy Teacher

Wylie Beckert

January 25, 2021 -   Teaching a man to fish is overrated. A long time ago, I set out to build myself a portfolio website. I lacked even the most basic skills to accomplish the task, but luckily I was friends with a talented web designer, and he agreed to teach me to code. He never seemed to get around to it, though; after many long months of waiting, I ended up googling "how to build an html website." I clicked the links, followed the tutorials, and before too long, I had a functioning website, with all the garish colors and font choices one might expect of a fledgeling web designer. But making changes to the website was a time-consuming process, and some things I wanted to accomplish (rounded corners! drop shadows!) were still beyond the scope my knowledge.…



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  • Li-An on The Wisdom of the Lazy TeacherIt’s an interesting article… but the philosophy is working because we’re living in a Google World where tutorials are easy to find on t…
  • Gregory Manchess on Portrait As StoryAww, you guys are great for saying all that. I will, Iain! Arkady! Can't wait to see you , my friend! Let's kick this semester's butt!…
  • j on The Wisdom of the Lazy TeacherI get that it can be frustrating if it feels like someone wants stuff handed to them, but I think it's better to give benefit of the do…
  • Wylie Beckert on The Wisdom of the Lazy TeacherFor me, the fact that illustration is such a tough field to succeed in makes this principle all the more important; there's so much mor…
  • Efrin Ramirez on The War of the WorldsWow wow wow, so excited for this! Looking amazing! Can't wait to see the finished piece!
  • SN on The Wisdom of the Lazy TeacherI think you are taking "teacher" and "student" too literally. Ms. Beckert is referring to would-be-freelancers loosely here and most of…


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