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Author: Muddy Colors


Remarque: 1. (French) Comment. 2. A drawn or etched sketch done on the margin of a print. Seriously, one of our favorite videos to date! In this 2+ hour video, watch artist Dorian Vallejo create a fully realized painting inside the front cover of one of his books, captured all in real time! Listen in, as he and Dan dos Santos have a one-on-one conversation, discussing Dorian’s views on Art, growth, compromise, and passion. A…

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  • Chris Beatrice on The Shadow BluesThanks! And, you betcha.
  • Steve on The Goal FolderThank you, this is a great idea. I've started using an application called Notion which includes a gallery database block that, for me, would be an ide…
  • valerii malkov on DesideroYour art, Howard, are always delight'n'enjoyment. They are multiplied by the beauty of your daughter's voice this time! It became an excellent tandem.
  • Juliane norske on Why do you do it?Really inspiring article! Your work definetly reflects your unique fingerprint, and it's very encouraging to understand what thoughts and consideratio…
  • Mark Swan on DesideroThat is beautiful and your daughter's voice is amazing. Was that background circle thing something you made up or did you have reference for it?