-by Arnie Fenner

Just moseying around the stores (brick & mortar and virtual), looking to see what people have been up to, is always rewarding: you never know what you’re going to stumble across, but whatever it is, you’re almost guaranteed to find something wonderful. So…here are a few items that caught my attention in the last few weeks.

Above: Travis Louie created this great cover for HPL’s The Call of Cthulhu for Penguin.

Above: ArenaNet’s maestro Daniel Dociu did the cover (and story interior illos) for the current issue of National Geographic.

Above: An appropriate-for-the-season homage to Leyendecker from Bill Stout’s 2012 Zombie Calendar.

Above: Lee Moyer’s pin-up tribute to “The Scarlet Letter” from his 2012 calendar, Check These Out.

Above: A very nice cover by Mark Maddox for the current issue of the long-running fanzine, Little Shoppe of Horrors.

Above: What’s not to like? Hellboy cover and story by Mike Mignola with interior art by Richard Corben.

Above: With the Pixar John Carter of Mars movie coming in 2012, plenty of publishers have hopped on the ERB bandwagon. One of the most outstanding covers is this one by Kekai Kotaki.

Above: And finally, Tomer Hanuka’s new art book is out. You know you gotta have one.