Jim Lee is one of the most respected, and most experienced artists in the comics industry. He is responsible for helping revitalize the comic industry in the 1990s, and for co-creating Image Comics, which was established as one of the first venues for creator-owned content. It is now the third largest comic publisher in the world.

In addition to spearheading quite a few comic-related foundations and funds, Jim Lee also spends a lot of time creating free educational art videos on Twitch and Youtube. These videos cover a great array of topics that aspiring comic artists will find helpful.

What I like best about these videos is that the information presented, although not comprehensive, is extremely practical, and are tried and true methods given by a professional who uses these tips every day in their own work.

So for all the comic fans out there, take an hour today and brush on some of your comic anatomy with one of the greats!

Dynamic Anatomy:

Line Weight and Shading:

Lighting Faces:

Drawing Hands:

Drawing feet: