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The Fourth Question

Allen Williams

Probably the next, most asked question I get after “What kind of pencils do you use?” is “How much do you draw?”. Well, no, actually it’s “What kind of pencils do you use?”, “What kind of paper do you use?”, “Where do your ideas come from?” and then it’s “How much do you draw?”. So in order, the answers are; Mostly Tombow mono 100 6B and Mitsubishi Hi-uni 10B Strathmore medium surface drawing paper, Stonehenge…




Filling the Cracks

Steven Belledin

May 26, 2020 - I have a lot of unfinished work laying around my studio. Okay. Maybe "a lot" is overstating it, but at any given time, there are anywhere between three and a dozen. These false starts tend to be small, personal works that just never fully congealed. None of them are particularly high-minded affairs or even attempts at greatness. Most are just attempts at pulling an image out of my head and putting it onto a surface. But that doesn't always make for compelling art—especially when I fail to dedicate enough time, planning, or focus to bring them to anything resembling a satisfying conclusion. Anyway, these pieces tend to sit around for a while (I have some that are a couple decades old at this point) and every so often I'll grab one and pick at it…



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  • Cassidy Noel Palmer on The Fourth QuestionThis was so good to read, a balm for the soul. The amount of time my own illustrations take because of my process sometimes feels absur…
  • Sebastian Posada on The Fourth QuestionHi Vicki! Thanks for the answer hahahaha, it's kinda funny to say vomit hahaha, I say because it's just like throwing out the idea as f…
  • Allen Williams on The Fourth QuestionHi Sebastian, Vicki here (Allen's wife). 🙂 He does have a small sketchbook he does "vomit" ideas into. lol (I like that analogy) It is…
  • Sebastian Posada on The Fourth QuestionBeautiful post! Thanks so much Allen! I'd think another good question could be "Do you keep a Sketchbook? " I mean, one not for drawing…
  • David Palumbo on Shopping for InspirationThanks Sam!
  • David Palumbo on Shopping for InspirationThanks Dan, appreciated!
  • marco reis on Octopus Online Demohi, i'm from brazil, i really admire your work! yes, i would love to see the helmet theme. mainly see how to give the effect of the met…


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