While I put the final touches on an epic Middle-earth painting, here is a newly released image and a few process shots for Magic:The Gathering’s, Tireless Tracker, from their new set Murders at Karlov Manor.

Preliminary drawing, 20″ x 18″ Watercolor Pencil and Chalk on Toned Paper

I have been using acrylics to do more of the ‘heavy lifting’ of value structure in my recent works.  Turning to oils for the more polished and finishing layers.

Acrylic lay in, 20″ x 16″

Utilized an acid yellow green with magenta-reds for shadows, to change it up and challenge my safe-space of realistic brown-grey mud.  A fun exploration in just how saturated and warm shadows can go!  Loved creating an intensive red halo for the tracker in her silhouette against the background.

As for the wacky three eyes of the tiger…well that’s Magic.

Tireless Tracker – detail

Tireless Tracker, 20″ x 16″ Oil on Panel