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Author: Muddy Colors

Sulphur and Dana

Post by Jon Foster While working on the Anne Frank storyboards that I mentioned in my last post, I also got the chance to work on a side project with Dario, a short comic called Sulphur and Dana. Dario was encouraging a friend,...

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-By Dan dos Santos The folks at WiP Podcast just posted a new episode, in which I partook. Check...

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Studio Space

by Arnie Fenner John Jude Palencar suggested that we post pictures of our studio spaces and, what...

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I’m totally jealous that I didn’t think up the name CMYKilla.…

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Something old, something…

By Jon Foster Several years ago, I was working in Italy at a small studio that had big aspirations and innovative ideas. The film was called Dear Anne, which was a new and inovative account of Anne Frank’s life...

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Some Common Sense

By Eric Fortune Back in the day(a Wednesday so I’ve heard) during my senior year of art school I remember getting some common sense advice from my teacher, Joe Kovach. He proclaimed “Always have a cushion of money in...

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FIGHT! Traditional Vs. Digital I am old enough to have had several years of traditional work under my belt before the wide spread use and availability of digital work became commonplace. As an example, use the first 3 or 4 years...

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The Sky People

I used to work at a studio of illustrators. One of our catch phrases at the time was, “generally,...

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