-By Donato

Lamenting that IlluxCon is running full swing in Reading, Pennsylvania this week and you couldn’t make the show for what ever reasons?  Here are some other opportunities to rub shoulders with professionals in the Science Fiction and Fantasy community in the coming weeks.

Admittedly IllxCon is one of the greatest gatherings of traditional media artists in the genre, but that doesn’t mean you still cannot have a great experience with a small group of friends and other people at an alternative or smaller venue.  I have made some of my best professional connections with art directors and collectors at events like those listed below:

TusCon 43
Tucson, AZ
November 11-13 with George R.R. Martin
Denver, CO
October 28-30 with Julie Dillon
World Fantasy
Columbus, OH
October 27-30
Lucca Comics and Games
Lucca, Italy
October 28- November 1
And a website with upcoming Comicbook and ScienceFiction conventions:
 Get out there and be a part of the community!