Storyboard artists are some of the most deft illustrators working in Hollywood. They have to be able to quickly draw an array of subject matter, from imagination, and are often acting as concept artist and cinematographer, all at once. Storyboard artists, and their sensibilities, have a profound affect on how the film will actually take shape.

Storyboards are commonly used, especially in high-budget effect films, as having a clear idea of a scene before it’s shot saves both time and money. But this wasn’t always a common practice.

Check out this great documentary about the history of Storyboarding, and how Director, Walt Disney, was responsible for it’s conception:



Here is Pixar Director, John Lasseter giving a candid, behind-the-scenes view of what a current Storyboard artist commonly does for a studio:



A vintage interview clip of Legendary Director, Steven Spielberg talking about storyboarding:



Here is Award-Winning Director, Ridley Scott, as he talks about the important role storyboards play in both, his creative process, and on set:


And Lastly, for those readers wanting to try their own hand at Storyboarding, here is an ‘Intro to Storyboarding’ video that does a really good job of providing a comprehensive overview of what the process entails, and how many ways one can go about it:



If you’re looking for some storyboard inspiration, check out these incredible artists:

Macros Mateu-Mestre


Iain McCaig


Dan Milligan